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Shipping Methods

1st class

Ships ToUnited States
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz3.25ozUS $5.14
3.25oz6.25ozUS $5.38
6.25oz7.25ozUS $5.87
7.25oz8.25ozUS $6.37
8.25oz9.25ozUS $6.74
9.25oz10.25ozUS $7.11
10.25oz11ozUS $7.55
11oz12ozUS $7.99

Priority Mail 2-Day

Ships ToUnited States
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz13ozUS $10.30
13oz1lbs 11ozUS $16.10
1lbs 11oz2lbs 8ozUS $22.70

Priority Mail International

Ships ToCanada
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz12ozUS $40.00

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Ships ToUnited States

 Last Updated: 17 May 2018